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We Treat all Pets from A to Z!!

At the A to Z Veterinary Clinic in Midland, our dedicated team of skilled veterinarians and supporting staff work every day to make your pet's health their priority! Our animal clinic was founded in 2000 by Dr. Jessica Todia, an accomplished vet who has been involved in the veterinary field since she was 15, and her husband, Dr. Tommy Wilson, who is also an experienced equestrian vet.

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Dr. Tommy Wilson and Dr. Jessica Todia opened A to Z Veterinary Clinic in the year 2000. Located in Midland, Texas, the clinic is pleased to be one of the leading veterinary facilities in the Permian Basin. We have the technology and experienced staff to offer full service from cats and dogs to horses, birds, and reptiles. Our doctors and staff regularly participate in continuing education to provide you with the latest advances in veterinary medicine. We are looking forward to providing you with all your veterinary medical, surgical, and rehabilitation needs. We are committed to your pet's health and always practice with compassion. Meet the rest of the team, and learn more about our facility; it's only a click away!

Our veterinarians are happy to treat pets and domestic animals with fur, feathers and scales at our animal clinic in Midland. We treat a wide variety of small and large animals, exotic animals and farm animals, including cats, dogs, reptiles, birds, deer, hedgehogs, donkeys, alpacas and horses. Our doctors and staff all participate in continuing education in order to make the latest advances and techniques in veterinary medicine available to all of our patients and provide them with the very best pet well care and large animal care possible.

Exmidland pet well care- rehab, midland vetotic, dog and cat surgery are just some of the services we offer at our veterinary clinic in Midland.

All of our veterinarians, including our equestrian vet, are skilled at the least invasive and most effective surgical methods, including CO2 laser surgery, which can offer more precision and result in less pain and bleeding for your pet during and after dog and cat surgery, as well as surgery on exotics and large animals.

At our animal clinic, we utilize state-of-the-art technology including ultrasound, endoscopy, and on-site hematology and chemistry. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive dental and oral treatments and plans. And because pets, just like humans, often need help regaining their strength and mobility after an illness or surgery, we offer personalized pain management plans and top-notch rehabilitation services.

Pet Foods and Health Products at Our Veterinary Clinic


We're proud to be an official distributor of Royal Canin Prescription Pet Foods and Harrison's Bird Foods and Healx Products. Simply ask your vet which products your pet needs and you can conveniently purchase them right after your visit.

No matter how small or large your pets, at our veterinary clinic, we're always happy to help them achieve their very best health!

Our Services Include

• Laser Surgeries
• Therapy Laser Treatments
• Ultrasound on Large and Small Animals
• On Site Hematology and Chemistry
• Internal Medicine and Diagnostics
• Endoscopy Capabilities
• Underwater Equine and Canine Treadmill
• Digital Radiology
• Geriatric Profiles
• Complete Dental Care and Oral Surgery
• Orthopedic Surgeries
• OFA Evaluations  
• Reproductive Management for Large and Small Animals
• Customized Vaccination Programs
• Comprehensive Physical Examinations on Small, Large, and Exotic Animals
• Spay and Neuter Surgeries: Large, Small, and Exotics
• Distributor of Royal Canin Prescription Pet Foods
• Distributor of Harrison's Bird Foods and HealX Products
• Chronic Pain Management
• Proud Founder of Non-Profit Animal Rescue Organization: Peeps and Creeps Inc.

A to Z Veterinary Clinic


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